Monday, April 18, 2011

Back after 4 years.....

Mic test mic test... is this still working??
It's been 4 years since I wrote something on this blog, man a lot of things changed!

Let me give a run down what had

WHERE: I left the philippines to try my chance in singapore, im still here on the first company who hired me :)

LANGUAGE: My English is
completely messed up! Singapore lah! confirm? double confirm!

FAMILY: See that pretty girl in the picture? Yes, she's my daughter :) She just turned 3 last march. God is so good that HE sent one of his angels to us :D

and the other pretty girl on the picture? Yes she's my wife :) She's the woman who completed me in her special ways. She's my better half.

Photography - once a while. I wish I have time to do it. I miss it :(
Basketball - Yes I need to be healthy and try to stay in shape. I gained 30 lbs since I got here in SG! really need the exercise that I can get :)
Celtics - Im a die hard fan of this club. Man they're just awesome!
Gadgets - Yes after 4 years I still can't get my hands off new gadgets!

To all my friends. Hope you still open your blogs and hope to hear from you!

Reach Higher!


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